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Villa Mahefa is a family house built in 1970 by Mr. Clément and Mrs. Paule Tiana when they were still only middle managers in the Malagasy Administrations. They gave the first name of their child to this beautiful modern building for its time and whose plans and fittings were made by a French architect.

M. Clément, Paule Tiana & Mahefa

– M. Clément, Paule Tiana & Mahefa –

Since 2015, a strong renovation has been initiated by improving the available spaces and creating private bathrooms for the 5 available rooms. Then, it was decided to transform it into a Guest House with a Restaurant section and by allowing the rental of rooms for Weddings, family and professional reunions or even musical concerts.

Razafindramanana Mahefa

My Father and my Mother each come from a large family of each of 7 siblings. Their house was always open to receive people unexpectedly; a bedroom and an extra place were always available. As an only child, it is this Spirit of Openness and Welcoming that I try to perpetuate in honor of my Parents.

Then, residing abroad since I was 18, I actively contribute to the development of my Island by bringing a more modern vision to the « Moramora » and by allowing a dozen families to have a better life by working with me since ten years.

– Mahefa –

Villa Mahefa

Whether you are Tourists passing through Madagascar or Malagasy compatriots, you are welcome in this house where you will find a Friendly, Relaxing and Fraternity atmosphere but also the Soul of our Country which is a Cosmopolitan and Mixed People. You would be at home at home!

The entire Villa Mahefa team goes out of their way to make your visit pleasant but above all to discover our Culinary, Musical and Artistic Culture and even those of Elsewhere.

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Villa Mahefa

Lot AB 399 Bis / D – Antanimenakely
102 Antananarivo Atsimondrano
TEL : +261 (0) 34 02 085 68 / +261 (0) 32 41 085 68 / +261 (0) 33 89 655 68

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